The Landscape Observatory of Catalonia and the Secretariat of Infrastructures and Mobility of the Catalan Ministry of Territory and Sustainability are organising again the international seminar “Roads in the Landscape” which we decided to postpone last November. Now, it will take place on 9th and 10th May 2018, in Barcelona.

The relationships between the landscape and roads have habitually been approached from the perspective of integrating roads into the landscape. This is a highly relevant factor, but it is not sufficient. The seminar hopes to deal with a whole series of aspects of the road/landscape relationship that are not usually considered. In this way, for example, many roads (in particular secondary ones) have a high heritage value, as historically they have organised and contributed to shaping the territory. By having become a massive form of access to knowledge about the territory, roads have an enormous educational potential. Finally, they highlight the diversity of landscapes in the country, and generate highly diverse tourist and leisure experiences.