A broad and intensive discussion has been ongoing within the EU and at the level of its Member States on how to achieve no net loss of biodiversity by the year 2020. This European discussion is embedded in a wider and at times controversial global debate on whether and how to implement new tools such as biodiversity offsets for managing impacts on biodiversity from economic developments.

Against this background the webinar aims to give a non-comprehensive overview and update on biodiversity offsetting in Europe. This builds on the recently published book "Biodiversity Offsets-The European Perspective on No Net Loss of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services". The book presents the activities and practices of biodiversity offsetting already implemented in Europe in selected EU member states (including Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Lithuania, Spain, the Netherlands and the UK) and the lessons that can be learnt from them.

Furthermore, some topical insights are shared from a dedicated stakeholder day on ecological compensation and biodiversity offsetting which took place during the 5th European Congress of Conservation Biology in Jyväskylä, Finland (13 June 2018), mostly building on a symposium on "The No Net Loss Goal and challenges of biodiversity offsets implementation for different stakeholders and contexts across Europe" and a panel discussion with academics in the field of biodiversity offsets and Finnish politicians interested in exploring and fostering the topic. Both the symposium and the panel brought together and reflected on experiences and crucial points with biodiversity offset implementation under different contexts, explicitly going beyond the mere analytical and technical examination of biodiversity offsets that has dominated to date.

Wednesday 11 July 2018
( 12:30 UTC; 14:30 CEST)

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