Crossing the Waste Lands of the Huveaune Valley. Plant Spread, Vernacular Practices, Landscape Mediations
ITTECOP Apr 2012
Projet: Recherche


/ Organisation: LAREP / Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Paysage de Versailles


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D-Transect is a research program funded by the French Ministry of Ecology.

With the D-TRANSECT program, our 3 main research objectives are:

  • To interrogate the widening of a railway-infrastructure between Marseille and Aubagne combining multiple disciplinary approaches: landscape, ecology and socio-ethnology
  • To develop a method of representation encompassing the issues bound to each of these disciplines
  • To implement this method in a tool, the Transect, capable of organizing the debate between multiple protagonists concerned by the current changes in the valley.

As a means of representation, the transect allows for the envisioning of infrastructural change as an opportunity for projects

The transect becomes a place of encounter and a tool for dialogue.

Three types of transect have been developped :

1: The longitudinal transect based on a video travelling along the valley. The objectives are to allow for a renewed perception of the valley landscape

2 The transect across the valley which is close to the canonical landscape transect

3: The knot – transect which consists of a succession of short transects informing about the relation of the railway line to other infrastructures.

Finally a « table longue » workshop was organized in Marseille, inviting project partners and local people to experiment the transect.

It functioned as a tool for mediation and impulsing projects in the valley