Land Transport Infrastructures, Ecosystems and Landscapes

Exploratory Projects

Les projets, dits « exploratoires », sont financés en parallèles aux projets de recherche. L’objectif des projets exploratoires, d’une durée maximale d’un an, est d’aboutir à des analyses de nature prospective ou liées à des sujets novateurs ou très peu explorées.

Can the assessment of ecosystem services of green dependencies of ILTe contribute to the adequacy of biodiversity measures with the budget constraints of project promoters and social uses?

Dynamics of wildlife populations bordering linear land transport infrastructures

How to correct disturbances of water flows feeding wetlands? State of knowledge and state of the art

Necrophagous arthrophages indicative of ILTe-related animal mortality

Opportunities for Intense Runoff management around the rail network to promote the creation of wetlands with ecological potential

Interfaces between cultivated roads and fields: does differentiated roadside management induce special problems of weeds in cultivated fields?

How to link landscape practices and knowledge in ecology to the project of territory and biodiversity? the example of ILT footprints and their expansions

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