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Territories with linear infrastructures leading the agro-ecological transition
ITTECOP Apr 2017
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Territories with linear infrastructures leading the agro-ecological transition

Can agricultural areas nearby newly-created linear transport infrastructures (highways, railroads) become exemplary territories for transition to agroecology and ordinary biodiversity recovery? The TILT AE incubator project aims to answer this question and to create a scientific and technical partnership to develop an innovative referential framework -1- to better understand the interactions between agroecosystems, biodiversity and transport infrastructures -2- to evaluate the interest in the Avoid – Reduce - Compensate (ARC) sequence for agroecology development and ordinary biodiversity conservation -3- to define the conditions for success of the implementation of an agro-ecological land consolidation responding to the stakes of the ARC sequence -4- to improve the acceptance by the farmers of this approach, particularly in relation to the current land consolidation procedure and its characteristics. This project and its follow-up will make it possible for transport infrastructures project designers and their partners (public authorities, farmers) to make available the tools and knowledge that can be mobilized for the operational consolidation of agricultural territories, in the envelopes of the transport infrastructures, but also in the agricultural projects such as agricultural plots reorganizations or local land consolidation.

The TILT AE project will give feedback on landscape management projects related to infrastructure or not, which have set objectives for the conservation or recovery of biodiversity and for a more sustainable agriculture. TILT AE will also provide an objective overview of existing and available knowledge for the implementation of field projects, and the identification of gaps in scientific, technical or transfer methods and tools. Considering this dual diagnosis, a concerted program of actions will be drawn up. At the same time, experimental sites will be identified to support the planned research actions and the implementation of this new mode of agricultural areas land consolidation.

The TILT AE project is supported by the French National Hunting and Wildlife Agency, the Agriculture and Environment Laboratory, EIFFAGE, the French Biodiversity Agency and the Association for the Promotion of Ruralism.

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