Land Transport Infrastructures, Ecosystems and Landscapes

Research Projects

The challenge of a landscape creative project for high voltage lines and road infrastructures:
public action, landscape architecture and biodiversity

Avoid, reduce and compensate mortality risks of the Eurasian Lynx (Lynx lynx) by collision with transport vehicles

E=RC+ - Promote ‘avoidance’ (in the mitigation hierarchy) in an integrative way and measure its consequences on ‘minimization’ and ‘offset’ as part of infrastructures and development projects

Biodiversity management within the framework of transformation and maintenance of waterway infrastructures, in a context of ecological crisis

Coevolution of interconnected river infrastructures and biodiversity 

Ecological impacts of nocturnal artificial lighting along the linear transport infrastructures and their dependencies. Influence of LED light parameters on the movements of bats

Integration of the mitigation sequence (avoiding, reducing and offsetting impacts on biodiversity) into land planning policies

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